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Digital content such as wallpapers, doodles, photoshop effects, etc. 

National Championship Logo

Vector Logo created in Adobe Illustrator for National Championship

Screen Shot 2022-04-05 at 7.47.31 PM.png

Dancing doodle

Digital Illustration doodle in procreate and Ai

spotify email campaign.png
PELETON email campaign.png
apple email marketing.png

Email Marketing 

Email Marketing series created for a class project, created in Adobe Illustrator.

Social Media Campaign

@GraphicsByMeghan Social media Campaign created in Adobe Illustrator for Facebook and Instagram. 

Instagram Promotional campaign.jpg
facebook promotinal campaign.jpg
3 clipart.png

Vector Clipart

A series of Vector Clipart created in Adobe Illustrator

Digital Doodle Commissions 

Digital Commissions created in Adobe Photoshop

rick and morty.jpg

Rick and Morty style Comission

Digital illustration designed in Adobe Photoshop

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